Darker Days

Pomegranates are a food that fights you, which is one of the reasons I love them so. I like to work for my food, which is one of the reasons I adore things like artichokes, which actively try to hurt you as you painstakingly deconstruct them so you can eat them. I’m not quite sure […]


There is a moment in late May when it feels as though summer has properly begun and the sky goes on forever; when I ignore what the calendar says and decide that it’s summer, full steam, bother the ‘official’ start date of the summer months. Waiting until the solstice, as an Australian friend of mine […]


The first time I remember seeing snow (probably not the first time I saw it, but certainly the first memory I’m aware of) was when I was a young child in Greece, when the world turned white overnight. I woke up to a sudden hush that had fallen over Molybos in the night, everything covered […]

Short Nights of the Soul

Summer is the season with a smell. Oh sure, you have rain on moist earth in spring, and the fiercely green scent of growing things. In autumn, there’s a quiet, sighing sort of smell as everything tucks itself away under the covers. Winter is sometimes defined by the absence of smell, the cold crisping through […]


Anticipating sunset on the winter solstice always feels like sitting in a doctor’s office waiting on test results that you already know the answer to. There’s a grim industrial carpet under your feet with strange stains that you don’t want to inspect too closely, an array of uncomfortable chairs with other patients scattered at maximum […]

Longest Day

I always feel like summer really starts in May, almost a month before the actual solstice, as the days get longer and longer and the air starts to fill with that scent specific to summer. It’s a hard scent to pin down. There’s a sort of dryness about it, grass crisping in the sun and […]