Corporations shouldn’t be able to suppress employee speech

In what many are fond of calling the social media era, social media clauses are becoming routine on employment contracts, particularly with more staid, traditional firms like financial institutions. Employees may be restrictively informed that they cannot have social media accounts at all, while others are told that they aren’t permitted to talk about their […]

Think before you share: disability

One of the most interesting things about joining Facebook, for me, has been exposure to the phenomenon known as the ‘share,’ the linking of something or relinking of something someone else published. Shares circulate merrily across the internet (Facebook is a major traffic driver), they get scores of likes, people post thousands of comments. There’s […]

Internet, We Need to Talk About Inappropriate Uses of Social Media for Charity

‘For every RT, we’ll donate $10 to [cause]!’ ‘Like us on Facebook and we’ll donate to [cause]!’ ‘Help us reach 5,000 followers on [Pinterest/Facebook/Instagram/Tumblr] and we’ll donate to a user-selected charity!’ I’m seeing these statements popping up more and more these days, and they are giving me a case of the chills followed by irritation […]