What’s For Dinner?

The New York Times recently had a series on rabbits as a source of food. They ran, among other things, an article about community workshops on slaughtering rabbits and a Q&A with a rabbit farmer. And the response in comments was extremely interesting. Tristan (who keeps pet rabbits) and I were talking about the series […]

The Teaching Role

One of the roles which is often thrust upon people living in marginalised bodies is that of teacher. There is a common expectation in social justice movements that people experiencing oppression should educate other people about their oppression; that, in fact, one the things they need to do, as activists, is to use themselves and […]

Reclamation: Marginalised Bodies, Self Labeling, and Empowerment

Today, I’d like to delve into an aspect of the discussion about language which I haven’t really talked about before, because I thought it was self evident. Only, as so often occurs when I make an assumption, I was wrong. There seems to be a profound lack of understanding about what reclamatory language is, how […]