Must Women Always Be Perfect?

The wildly popular photo-sharing programme Instagram (yes, I’m on there) has generated its own kind of language and community norms, along with imitators, as often occurs with popular social media. For those not familiar, Instagram allows users to take pictures with their cell phones (or from anywhere, as long as you can load the image […]

Fat Cat Manifesto

The days are shortening, the leaves are turning, the grocery store ads in the paper are turning to turkey and cranberries, and that means it must be time for the endless stream of articles in women’s magazines about ‘how to beat the holiday pounds’ and ‘how to avoid gaining weight while eating whatever you want’ […]

Good Slut, Bad Slut

There’s this thing called “sex positive feminism[1. I feel obliged to note that while I am making a generalization about sex positive feminism here, there’s a pretty broad spectrum within this particular branch of feminism, and therefore the generalization does not apply to everyone who identifies with this label. So if you aren’t the kind […]