Conquering the Aioli

For years, I was mystified and intimidated by aioli. It struck me as a delicious thing that I always wanted more of, a rich, flavourful, fantastic explosion of fats and underlying goodnesses in my mouth, but never as something I could make myself. I noted that the aioli you bought in the store tended to […]

Recipe: Fruit and Chocolate Tarts

When I was a kid, I used to be a bit of a recipe inventor. I would throw ingredients together, sometimes in less than successful ways, and triumphantly present the finished product to my father for review. Desserts were always my favourite, but it’s been a while since I played around and came up with […]


I just returned from a night out in Albion, which was excellent. Today in general, in fact, was excellent. I woke up at around 10 to discover that it was sunny and warm, so I ate fruit from the farmers’ market and read The Last Madam on the deck while drinking orange pekoe tea. I […]