The Ghost Inventory

What happens to a financial recovery when the information you need to recover is kept under wraps? A question with pressing importance in the housing market, where pretty much no one is operating with all the necessary information, which makes it extremely difficult to address issues with housing prices and housing sales. There is a […]

11 Percent

It is difficult to get accurate data on the number of empty housing units in the United States. Recent estimates suggest that approximately 18 million, or almost 11%, of homes in the United States are unoccupied[1. This is a full time statistic and does not include vacation/part time homes that may be vacant some of […]

Promises, Promises: Job Training, Higher Education, and Government Funding

With the rise of the housing market came a corresponding increase in trades to support it. Real estate agents, landscapers, painters, carpenters, stagers, interior designers…all of these trades exploded, some meteorically, because there was such a demand for them. Students with an interest in them were encouraged to pursue education and training. Assured that they […]