Must minorities dance for you before they can be human?

As Quantico started its slow rise into the US consciousness — an interesting take on the traditional procedural, presented in an intriguing way — I started reading a great deal of commentary about the show, and I particularly enjoyed Anu Bhagwati writing at the New Republic about Priyanka Chopra’s role on the show. Bhagwati noted that Chopra is a […]

Yes PTSD is a disability and yes it is racialised

Defining ‘disability’ can be a slippery thing. There are definitions government agencies use for the purpose of demographic studies and addressing requests for reasonable accommodations. Workplaces, educational institutions, hospitals, and long-term care facilities use their own definitions, and within the disability rights movement, there are many ways to conceptualise disability. This is not, in other […]

How one lion reveals our race problems

The death of Cecil the lion in what may have been a poaching in Zimbabwe was still filling headlines worldwide Thursday — and spurring Internet vigilantes everywhere, who are descending upon the life of Dr. Walter Palmer, his killer, in droves. On July 1, Palmer shot the lion in circumstances that suggest he and his guides […]

The intersectionality of chronic pain

100 million adults in the United States have chronic pain conditions. Women are overrepresented in their number. Women of colour, even more so. There’s a tangled thread of circumstances that creates these imbalances, and it loops around to another problem: Intersectional oppression in the treatment of chronic pain, both medically and socially. Deep-seated social attitudes about […]