Smart, Targeted Public Health

One of the biggest challenges in US public health is that this is a huge nation, with numerous regional and demographic public health challenges. It’s not possible to locate easy, one size fits all solutions to public health issues, and relying on standardized practices inevitably leaves people in the dust. Troublingly, because the practice of […]

Challenged Book: Invisible Man

In 1952, Random House took a gamble on a now classic text on Black identity, politics, and the lived experience of Black Americans. It turned out to be a good move; the book won the National Book Award in 1953 and has been recognised numerous times since with literary awards and commendations. But Ralph Ellison’s […]

Olympic Considerations

I’m starting to notice a slow uptick in stories about preparations for the 2012 Olympics in London (paired with an equal uptick in stories about the 2012 election, of course), and it got me thinking about Olympic hosting and the politics behind the Olympics. Not just in the sense of who is chosen and how, […]

What In Forks Is Going On at the University of California?!

Today’s sites of interest is a very special theme edition. I think the title speaks for itself. Democracy Now: Following String of Racist Incidents, UC San Diego Students Occupy Chancellor’s Office The Black Student Union at UC San Diego has declared the campus climate for racial minorities to be in a “state of emergency.” Los […]