Private Practice: What In the !@$#)(!?

I’m always talking up Private Practice as a great show that tends to cover issues pretty well; I’m particularly fond of the fact that, for example, the wheelchair user on the show is a full time wheelchair user in real life, and in an episode in a prior season involving an intersex child, Addison refused […]

Abortion on Television: Whose Choice?

37 years ago, Roe versus Wade made waves in the United States, and, last week, Bones and Private Practice both explored pregnancy and abortion[1. Apparently Friday Night Lights did as well, but I don’t watch that show, so I didn’t want to suddenly start writing about it since I know nothing about the show’s history […]

Crime and Punishment

I’ve been mulling over the latest episode of Private Practice, “Crime and Punishment,” for a couple of days now, because it was a bit of a right to life minefield, and I found that really interesting. Especially since Rhimes’ other show, Grey’s Anatomy, is a complete and utter mess at the moment, it was really […]