Self-Driving Cars, RFID Registration, and Privacy on the Road

If you drive anywhere around Mountain View, chances are high that you’ve spotted one of Google’s self-driving car prototypes navigating the road — and in the larger Bay Area, the cars are a topic of considerable discussion and conversation. Legislators across the country are also considering the implications of cars that drive themselves: Who’s liable […]

Sowing Suspicion

While the Internet is focused on the patent wars over technology, I’m equally interested in the patent wars over agricultural products, which have some serious implications for all of us. As large agricultural firms invest heavily in the development of modified organisms tailored for specific environments, yields, and chemicals, a culture of monocropping is developing, […]

Pandora’s Google

It appears that the Google is out of the box now, and there’s no point in trying to stuff it back in, because it’s already been unleashed on the world. There is no turning point and no possibility of going back. The question now is not “can we control it” or “what can we do […]