Women in Criticism, and Sexism

Criticism, contrary to what many people seem to believe, is an art. It’s not something that people do because they fail at doing something (in fact, some of the most famous critics are also experts in the body of work being discussed as active participants in it — well-regarded authors, for example, routinely review books). […]

Yellow Peril Rides Again

When you have two major yellow peril movies released in a year, it’s safe to say you have a significant problem. Variations on the yellow peril trope have always been swirling through US society, but it seems like they are about to be whipped up again, playing on fears about the economy, North Korea, and […]

Attack of the Fanpeople!

I was recently having a conversation with Annaham about the role of very aggressive fans in pop culture, and in how people talk about and engage with the creators of pop culture. The fans I speak of are the ones who believe their creators can do no wrong. Who consume every piece of content from […]

Crazy Creative

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about being crazy from pop culture, it’s that being crazy makes you all kinds of creative. Apparently the creativity gets handed out at the door or something, at least if we’re to judge from the depictions of mental illness we encounter everywhere from medical dramas to science fiction shows. […]