We Need Real Consequences For Environmental Health Violations

One fact becomes inescapable when looking at health statistics in the United States; low-income people, particularly people of colour and nonwhite people, tend to be less healthy overall. There are a lot of reasons for this, many of which can be seen illustrated in the statistics themselves, and one particularly pressing issue is the extremely […]

Military Burn Pits, Sickness, and the Environment

Military installations across Iraq and Afghanistan generate astounding amounts of garbage and human waste. It’s inevitable when you have large groups of people eating, drinking, and living in temporary encampments, although many of these facilities do feature semi-permanent elements like trailers instead of tents to provide housing and services to military and support personnel. While […]

Petroleum, Petroleum, Who’s Got the Petroleum?

Here’s how desperate we have become for petroleum products from any source: We’ve moved to seriously talking about exploiting oil sands for their petroleum content. Also known as tar sands, oil sands are those things I remember reading about ten years ago in articles talking about ridiculously difficult-to-access petroleum deposits, with a side of ‘at […]

If Not In My Backyard, Then Where?

There’s a phenomenon I regularly see playing out in small, wealthy communities across the United States. It usually goes something like this: Company Xyz announces plans to commence operations somewhere near that community. Citizens promptly start holding a series of meetings to oppose it on the grounds that the company’s activities may be environmentally harmful, […]

Wriggly Tangerines

Forrest Wilder at the Texas Observer: The BP Screw-Up We Almost Didn’t Hear About If the most-hated corporation in America releases a massive quantity of toxic chemicals and nobody hears about it does it matter? Nicholas Riccardi at the Los Angeles Times:  Fleeing Phoenix out of fear of immigration law “The business is broken,” said […]