Who’s afraid of the big, bad science?

This country is in a crisis of scientific illiteracy. On the everyday level, many people aren’t familiar with even the rudiments of the scientific method, critical thinking, and how they function, issues that have real and serious repercussions for society — in a prominent recent example, people who can’t comprehend how vaccines work are endangering […]

Our policy is killing women — and we don’t care

Much of the talk about the ‘war on women’ has surrounded our country’s horrific approach to reproductive justice and the crackdown on reproductive rights across the United States. Every year, more and more bills targeting cis women are introduced — term limits for abortion, mandatory ultrasounds, stiffer requirements for facilities offering abortion services, funding cuts […]

When Big Ag Claims to Be Helping ‘Small Farms’

When big corporations, especially groups and trade associations of big corporations, appear to be lobbying for small businesses, I always get deeply suspicious. I see no particular reason why these firms should support smaller rivals in the industry, even if they are small and unlikely to ever threaten the larger company’s market share, because this […]

If Pot’s So Green, Why Does It Cause So Much Environmental Degradation?

Over the summer, a multi-agency law enforcement crackdown swept into Northern California to tackle the growing practice of marijuana cultivation in state forests. Hundreds of thousands of plants were netted, over 100 arrests were made, and the crews also uncovered substantial amounts of garbage and polluting material. Pesticides. Herbicides. Fertilizer. Straight up garbage; food wrappers, […]