In the Garden: Summertime

It may not be summertime by our calendar, but it feels like it: long, hot, dry days. The flowers are starting to peter out because the weather is getting too intense, which would give me a relief from my allergies, except that the most hardy among them, like ragweed, are some of the most allergenic. […]

Eating Invasive Species to Save the Environment

There’s a new(ish) trend in environmental circles which is sort of a best of all worlds blend of policy, incentive, and community involvement. Struggling with growing numbers of invasive species in many regions, whether they’re introduced for a particular reason or accidentally added to the environment, environmentalists recommend a new tactic: eat them. This is, […]

Plants to Watch Out For

Fennel. Brake Fern. Sunflowers. Barley. Sugar beets. Mustard. All plants with two things in common that can occasionally come into conflict. They are food sources that in addition to being cultivated in some cases can also be wildcrafted, collected from nature by people who are comfortable identifying and eating wild plants. They are also plants […]