Legend has it that in the 14th century, Queen Isabal of Portugal greatly loved the poor, and tried to give charity when she could. The queen was also renowned as a peacemaker, and loved by her people. During a time of famine, the queen filled her skirts with loaves of bread and tried to sneak […]

Paul Bunyan Days

Paul Bunyan Days is my favourite coastal parade. And coming from someone who adores parades, that’s quite a thing to say. I used to think it was Mendo Fourth of July, but I’ve switched loyalties to Paul Bunyan Days. Paul Bunyan Days has guns, controversy, Mexican trick riders, a Kangeroo Kort, Shriners, and worried looking […]


Yesterday was the Fourth of July, which means only one thing here: the Mendocino parade. I am aware that in Britain it is Thanksgiving and I believe there is also a national American holiday associated with half naked girls walking down the street, political floats, and drinking beer at Friendship Park. But here, 4 July […]

The light! The light!

Where the parade came to die. The words “cacophony of competing bad Christmas songs” do not adequately convey the intensity of this experience. Sadly, the dying ground also happened to be located directly under my window. This, of course, means that I needed to dart out onto the roof to photograph the greatness for my […]