Lighted Truck Parade 2007

Last night marked the annual Christmas tree lighting and Lighted Truck Parade, although apparently we’re supposed to call it a “Holiday Lights Parade” now. At any rate, the Lighted Truck Parade is a pretty unique tradition; I haven’t heard of that many towns holding a parade dedicated to covering trucks with lights and cruising down […]

Paul Bunyan Days

I have just returned from the annual Paul Bunyan Days parade, and the only two pictures which came out halfway decent on my cellphone were of fire trucks: The loss of my camera is particularly painful today since there were some truly spectacular entries in the parade, like a logging truck bedecked in flowers, a […]


The moment you are all waiting for has arrived. The main delight of the Mendocino Fourth of July parade is, of course, the hippies. This is why we all go. It was so difficult for me to sort through all the images and just pick out a few, but here they are. Once again, I’ve […]

Serious Business

Many local businesses submit entries in the parade, which have incredibly varied levels of creativity. This year, I was a huge fan of the MacCallum house, since their entry, well…just look at it: Yes, you are seeing two ladies in bed, waving flags. But wait, there’s more: After that, I’m not sure why any business […]


Like many communities across the United States, Mendocino celebrates Independence Day with a parade of epic proportions. It’s legendary, and people come in from all over the coast to watch the parade. The parade starts out fairly mundane, as parades do, with law enforcement, military, and, of course, fire trucks. This fire truck has a […]

On Parades

I have just returned triumphant from the Mendocino parade. Baxt very kindly lent me a camera for the duration of the parade, so I took a phantasmagoria of pictures. Unfortunately, since it took some time to become accustomed to the camera, a lot of the pictures are of empty skies and horse poop. But I […]

Festa the Second

Many Portugese groups from all over the state were represented in the Festa parade, which I believe is one of the larger ones in Northern California thanks to our large and very active Portugese community. You probably can’t read their flag here, but these gentlemen were representing the Knights of Columbus, the world’s largest Catholic […]