Watermelon Seeds

We are sitting on the jetty, a plate of perfect sunshine yellow watermelon slices between us. The plate is made from blueish-green glass spotted with bubbles, slightly uneven in a way which is supposed to suggest that it was made by an artisan, and each slice of watermelon is miraculously proportionate in relation to the […]

Beyond the Binary: Let’s Go To the Doctor!

A note about terminology in this post: Unfortunately, we’re forced to rely on the language of the kyriarchy when it comes to talking about gender identity and gender issues. The kyriarchy is pretty firmly convinced that people like me don’t exist, and if we did, we shouldn’t, which means that there’s not a lot of […]

On Pasta

When we lived in Elk, we used to make a fair amount of pasta. My father would work in the woods a couple of days a week, but on other days we would putter around the house, working in the garden, cooking, and doing odds and ends. I remember making pasta vividly because we used […]