Correlation is Not Causation, Part I Don’t Even Know Which: Marijuana and Crime

Medical marijuana dispensaries occupy a strange legal limbo. They are, in the most technical sense, illegal under federal law. Yet, local regulations may legalise and even welcome them. They offer a glimpse into a model of what legalisation could look like in the United States, and what might happen if people had ready, safe, legal, […]

All Is Not Well In the Emerald Triangle: Marijuana, Conservatism, and Backlash

California, the ‘green state,’ is sometimes treated as a cultural touchstone when it comes to marijuana in the United States. It’s the most progressive, forward-thinking state, the one where it’s safe to grow, sell, and smoke. It’s the state advocates in other regions point at as an example of a leader in the field, the […]

If Pot’s So Green, Why Does It Cause So Much Environmental Degradation?

Over the summer, a multi-agency law enforcement crackdown swept into Northern California to tackle the growing practice of marijuana cultivation in state forests. Hundreds of thousands of plants were netted, over 100 arrests were made, and the crews also uncovered substantial amounts of garbage and polluting material. Pesticides. Herbicides. Fertilizer. Straight up garbage; food wrappers, […]

Your Extra-Moldy Foreclosure Special, Courtesy the Marijuana Industry

The successive waves of foreclosures rippling through the economy are more acute in some markets than others, and some markets have some extra special problems that come along with their foreclosures. Banks are not just taking possession of homes in these regions, they are taking possession of environmental disasters that need to be cleaned up. […]