Lighted Truck Parade 2007

Last night marked the annual Christmas tree lighting and Lighted Truck Parade, although apparently we’re supposed to call it a “Holiday Lights Parade” now. At any rate, the Lighted Truck Parade is a pretty unique tradition; I haven’t heard of that many towns holding a parade dedicated to covering trucks with lights and cruising down […]

The light! The light!

Where the parade came to die. The words “cacophony of competing bad Christmas songs” do not adequately convey the intensity of this experience. Sadly, the dying ground also happened to be located directly under my window. This, of course, means that I needed to dart out onto the roof to photograph the greatness for my […]


The peace brigade were out in force as well, although looking a tad beleaguered by the end of the parade from all the heckling. Fair is fair–the hippies give the American Legion miles of shit in the Mendo Fourth parade. [Fort Bragg] [Lighted Truck Parade]