Reassessing Kurt

I’m having a protracted email exchange with a reader, and we’re talking about a lot of things, but most particularly Kurt, and I’m really rethinking and reevaluating his character, in response both to this conversation and other conversations I’ve had about Kurt. The thing for me with Glee, as I recently mentioned, is that the […]

Glee: Theatricality

So, remember how, writing about Glee last week, I discussed the fact that the show is straddling a strange divide between feeling filled with stiff, awkward, Teachable Moments, and the over the top camp that the show is getting so much attention for? And how I said that really wasn’t working for me, on a […]

LGBQT Representations on Television: Doctor Callie Torres

Note; I watch Grey’s the day after it airs, so this doesn’t take anything that may (or may not) have happened in last night’s episode into account! As promised nearly a month ago, it’s time to talk about the lovely Doctor Callie Torres, played by Sara Ramirez. Full disclosure: She is one of my favourite […]

LGBQT Representations On Television: Doctor Arizona Robbins

Doctor Arizona Robbins (played by Jessica Capshaw), introduced in the fifth season of Grey’s Anatomy, is one of my favourite women on a show which already has a lot of awesome ladies (like Chandra Wilson as Doctor Miranda Bailey, Sara Ramirez as Doctor Callie Torres, and Sandra Oh as Doctor Christina Yang). She was brought […]

LGBQT Representation on Television: Tyler Briggs

Consider this the first post in what will probably be a highly intermittent series; I’d like to start examining specific examples of LGBQT folks on television and talk about how they are depicted. (If there’s a character you’d really like me to take a look at, please let me know!) I would like to note […]