Pop v. reality: Journalism

I’ve been having a lot of conversations in the last year about the public distrust and sometimes active hatred of the media — at the same time that the New York Times is raking in subscription dollars and every media outlet has an annoying popup nagging me to defend the future of journalism, I keep getting sidelong […]

On funding PBS

Periodic dustups over whether the government should continue to provide funding to PBS and NPR are always incredibly frustrating, and not just because public broadcasting provides an important service. People deserve to have access to news and information about events that affect their lives, and in the case of young people, educational programming is particularly […]

Journalism is Still Important

I was shocked in May of this year when the Chicago Sun-Times laid off its entire photojournalism department at one stroke, effectively putting an end to a long and storied department with a rich and complex culture. Obviously, many of the photographers in the department were more shocked than I was, and the move sparked […]

Pageview Trolling and Mass Media

Media has always been about informing the public, but also about sales. It’s a bit hard to disseminate information if your organisation doesn’t exist, after all, and thus you have a drive to keep circulation, viewer, and listener numbers high; not just because you want to sell to consumers, but also because you want numbers […]