Party life & bonus feature!

I have played more Scrabble in the last 19 hours than I have in…quite a long time. I think I’ve played five separate games since midnight last night. Seriously. One of my coworkers made fun of me because I came in to work looking something the cat dragged in–the conversation went like this: “Woah! What […]

Scrabble funtime

Tonight we played scrabble. Laurel and I tied in the first game, but only because I went out first and she had to eat a point. “Quacked” was my work, and I am immensely proud of it. I also missed a scrabble for “anointed,” because someone stole the spot I was going to put it […]

Scrabble smackdown!

I whupped K good, not once, but twice in a row. Satisfaction is mine. Check out “larceny,” my devastating point-gathering stroke. I love using all seven letters, it fills me with glee. He didn’t stand a chance after that. “Cakes”, however, was his. Which is a pity, because I had further plans for that C. […]