Introducing Disability Intersections

I’m very pleased to announce that a project I’ve been planning, working on, and building finally went live this week. Disability Intersections is a magazine focusing on discussions about disability viewed through an intersectional lens, exploring society, culture, and the lived experience of disability. My long-time colleague Anna Hamilton has joined me as Managing Editor […]

Places I’ll Be!

Gentle readers! Hello! Two items of possible interest and note to those of you who are interested in these sorts of things: Item the first: Next week, I’ll be at WisCon 37, which runs on the 24-27th in lovely Madison, Wisconsin. I’ll be on several panels and look forward to seeing some of you in […]

Get Out of My Crotch! Comes to Mendocino

I’m thrilled to announce that Janet Frishberg will be joining me for a reading to celebrate Get Out of My Crotch! with my friends at the Gallery Bookshop in Mendocino, California. We’ll be reading selections from our essays, talking about reproductive rights, and possibly plying you with tasty treats, if you’re very, very good. Copies […]

Hear Me Speak, Read Me Write

Two items of potential interest to you, gentle readers! Item the first: Anna Hamilton and I are in the Frontier issue of Bitch Magazine, with ‘Access & Praxis—disability at the digital frontier.’ We cowrote it and she illustrated it. It’s pretty awesome. If you want to hear us talk about it, you can check out […]