Strangers on a train

A flood of Enforcers poured in when the doors opened at my stop, dressed in full gear, swarming the train and the platform in a car-by-car. There’d been two already this month and they looked almost as bored with the whole thing as we did. ‘Ident check,’ one of them barked. ‘Arms up!’ The crowded […]


Content note: This year’s Halloween story is extremely graphic. If you’d like to read something less gruesome, how about this? ‘The Greeks believed that the seat of the soul was in the liver,’ you say, pulling out the offending organ and placing it gently on the cutting board. The man screams, but you pay him […]

Costumes, Costumes, Costumes

Oh homechickens. I wander through the aisles of the grocery store in the late hours, and I see baby pumpkins popping up on endcaps. Cobwebs infest the windows of downtown businesses, and everything appears to be turning black and orange—when businesses owned by white atheists aren’t putting up mockeries of Day of the Dead displays, […]