Glee: Funeral

This week on Glee, the glee club (gleeksters?) endured a series of auditions to determine who’d headline at Nationals, only to have Will throw the whole idea out and decide to go with original ensemble songs. Because they’re a team, you know. Meanwhile, in B-plot land, Jean Sylvester passed away and the glee club helped […]

Glee: Prom Queen

First, a brief note about last week’s Glee, since some people asked why I didn’t review it; I didn’t have time to, but I will note that it featured some pretty painful poverty porn. The episode centred poverty as a personal, individual problem rather than a systemic one and proposed personal, individual solutions rather than […]

Glee: Born This Way

Two things about this week’s episode: It was bad, from a purely structural/entertainment standpoint. Also, it was bad. Did I mention it was bad? And I didn’t like the music, but that’s because the numbers they chose this week were just not to my taste. The episode was all over the map, like the creative […]

Glee: A Night of Neglect

So, I confess, I’d been putting off watching Glee this week, for a variety of reasons, so I apologise to the people who wanted to know where my review was; there are only so many hours in the day and I have many, many things to do in them, and honestly watching this show tends […]

Glee: Original Song

This week on Glee: Pain makes better art, and relationship drama. Oh my stars, the relationship drama. When a high school show pretty much revolving around dysfunctional relationships has enough relationship drama in an episode to make me raise an eyebrow, that’s what we like to call High Drama. We had further disintegration of our […]

Glee: Sexy

Wondering why this review is going up a week after the episode aired? You can complain to ATT and UPS about that[1. Short version, first ATT broke my Internet, and then UPS delivered the next day air package containing my new wireless gateway five days after it shipped. Yes, I am grumpy about this. Yes, […]

Glee: Blame It On the Alcohol

This week on Glee: Bisexuality! Is it real? Let’s discuss! Also, how about brain injuries! Those are hilarious, am I right? No seriously. Glee tells us it is progressive television and that, in particular, it is sending great messages about teen sexuality. Glee can show us an out, proud, gay teen, but apparently, bisexuality doesn’t exist. […]