The Collapse of Food Aid

Almost 50 million people in the United States rely on food aid to help them meet their grocery bills each month, and in some case are entirely dependent on food assistance programs including the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), food banks, religious charities, and other options varying by community. These numbers have been steadily growing […]

Masterchef and Poverty

My latest bizarre television obsession is food reality shows. I can’t really explain it to you because I’m not sure what the logic is, but I’ve somehow become deeply invested in this world where people compete for fame, money, their own cookbooks, restaurants, and shiny trophies conferring some kind of food honour on them. You […]

Hungering For Better Policy

With rising economic uncertainty comes rising food insecurity. Almost 15% of US households experienced food insecurity in 2008 and this is a number I think we can sadly predict will rise. Not least because food stamp applications are steadily increasing in the United States. There is not a one to one correspondence between such applications […]