Stop It, Smug DIYers

With the economic downturn has come a flood of articles on do-it-yourself activities. On the one hand, this really excites me, because I love giving people the tools they need to do things on their own and to get adventurous, whether they are refinishing furniture or learning to make pickled foods. On the other hand, […]

Fair Treatment For Farmworkers: A Non-Negotiable Aspect of Ethical Food

Chipotle is a rapidly growing chain that’s trying to distinguish itself from the competition by showcasing itself as a model of ethical food production. It’s championing small farmers, seeking humanely-raised animal products, and providing vegan and vegetarian meals to customers. In this business climate, it’s a very smart move to be making, as greenwashing is […]

Shame! At the Dinner Table

Treehugger ran a feature last month on what they called ‘cheatatarianism,’ the phenomenon of claiming to be vegetarian at home and then eating animal products outside the home. The article sent my brain spinning off in some different directions. The idea of lying about your diet at home seems odd, to me, but given how […]

Parable of the Strawberries

This year, there was a glut of strawberry plants in Florida. It happens sometimes, for a variety of reasons. In this case, a frost ruined the staggered growing season, causing a bunch of plants to produce berries all at once. The market was flooded with fruit. When overproduction like this occurs, the result is usually […]

What’s For Dinner?

The New York Times recently had a series on rabbits as a source of food. They ran, among other things, an article about community workshops on slaughtering rabbits and a Q&A with a rabbit farmer. And the response in comments was extremely interesting. Tristan (who keeps pet rabbits) and I were talking about the series […]

Before You Criticize the Food Choices of Others…

I normally really, really, really hate disability simulations. But I can’t think of a way to make this point more clear, and I think that there are cases in which disability simulations can actually be very helpful for people who are having trouble grasping some key concepts. Food policing is an area in which all […]