Masterchef and Poverty

My latest bizarre television obsession is food reality shows. I can’t really explain it to you because I’m not sure what the logic is, but I’ve somehow become deeply invested in this world where people compete for fame, money, their own cookbooks, restaurants, and shiny trophies conferring some kind of food honour on them. You […]

March of the Vines: Vineyards are Exploding, But is That Good for Wine Country?

Everyone seems to have an opinion on California wines; some people think they’re insipid and awful, a judgment usually based on the reputation of the early years of the wine industry, and other people think they’re fantastic. In actuality, of course, some vineyards make outstanding, award-winning vintages that rival wines from anywhere else in the […]

Fresh Food and Accessibility

The drum of ‘people should eat more fresh food’ is being beaten with increasing urgency these days, and there’s a slow, growing awareness that the obstacles to people eating fresh food might not be so simple as people being lazy and not wanting to eat vegetables. Talk of food deserts has begun to spring from […]

Farming, the Food Supply, and Reality

The disconnect between consumers and the food supply can be extremely stark, and sometimes I’m reminded of it in jarring ways, as when a woman at a conference smugly informed me that discussions about seasonal availability of produce weren’t ‘realistic’ because her grocery store stocks lettuce 365 days a year. Confronting this mismatch between reality—actual […]

Healthism and Food

One of the most commonly expressed forms of healthism comes up at the table, where people feel absolutely free to comment on what other people are eating, with additional suggestions on what they should or should not be eating. Whether it’s legislators attempting to pass soda bans or people at dinner who feel like it’s […]