Bad Produce and Food Saviours

The food saviours. I love their intentions, but often hate their execution. You know them — you’ve seen them writing passionate manifestos on the internet, holding community meetings, writing books. They’re the people who recognise that there’s a serious access problem when it comes to getting food in low-income communities, and want to address the […]

On Raising Meat Animals

Through much of my childhood, I was surrounded by farm animals. Goats, sheep, chickens. I played with kids, lambs, and chicks, but I also ate barbecued goat, and lamb chops, and roast chicken. And I knew that these things were connected: We weren’t buying meat in the store and pretending that it had nothing to […]

Big Organic, Bad Organic

Stacy Mitchell at Grist recently described the ultimate ‘Trojan carrot,’ discussing WalMart’s plans to move into organic packaged foods since it’s done so well with organic produce. She looked at the issue in the context of WalMart’s attempt to dominate a growing percentage of the food supply, pointing to the fact that the company’s share […]

Fear of Cooking

I grew up in a house with a man who cooked. My father made dinner every night (we ate out very rarely, and when we did, it was usually lunch somewhere around town), and I helped him as soon as I was old enough to hold a knife, stir the contents of a pot, or […]

Accessibility and CSAs

Ah, the CSA box. The great equaliser, that which brings fresh, affordable, wholesome vegetables directly to your doorstep — okay, well, maybe to a pick up point — allowing you access to the best that nutrition has to offer. And, of course, ensuring that you have no excuse for not eating a ‘healthy’ diet, because, […]

The Collapse of Food Aid

Almost 50 million people in the United States rely on food aid to help them meet their grocery bills each month, and in some case are entirely dependent on food assistance programs including the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), food banks, religious charities, and other options varying by community. These numbers have been steadily growing […]