Christian Rhetoric in Food Policing

When people claim we are a secular society, I always laugh, because I don’t really know how else to respond. Christian attitudes and worldviews are very much wrapped up in Western thought, and they’re impossible to evade, whether you’re talking about ‘atoning’ for a mistake or exclaiming ‘oh my G-d’ when something shocking happens. Christianity […]

Healthism and Food

One of the most commonly expressed forms of healthism comes up at the table, where people feel absolutely free to comment on what other people are eating, with additional suggestions on what they should or should not be eating. Whether it’s legislators attempting to pass soda bans or people at dinner who feel like it’s […]

On Cooking Alone

As someone who lives alone and eats most of my meals alone, I spend a lot of time cooking alone. I like cooking, so this isn’t a particularly onerous or upsetting state of affairs, but it can be tiring. Cooking takes work, and when you are very busy with a wide ranging number of tasks, […]