Why is Joss Whedon still treated like an authority on women in film and television?

Joss Whedon temporarily set the internet aflutter yet again this year with commentary on sexism in Hollywood, as though he’s the ultimate authority on such subjects. First he called the industry “intractibly sexist” and then he took back his words in another interview, claiming that the industry had improved since the original commentary. Fair enough […]

Hiring Cis Actors for Trans Roles Isn’t Progressive

The representation of transgender people is slowly growing in the pop culture landscape, with various attempts at depicting trans lives in a variety of settings. It’s leading to the rise of actresses like Laverne Cox and Carmen Carrera, a much more high-profile discussion about transphobia, discrimination, and what it means to be transgender. While pop […]

Sexism at Pinewood, Hollywood, and More

Film and television are almost universally acknowledged, among progressive circles, as having a serious sexism problem. Women are severely underrepresented among the top producers, executives, and other decisionmakers at most studios, and their opportunities for roles are starkly limited in comparison with their male counterparts, no matter how talented they are. While actors can age […]

Yellow Peril Rides Again

When you have two major yellow peril movies released in a year, it’s safe to say you have a significant problem. Variations on the yellow peril trope have always been swirling through US society, but it seems like they are about to be whipped up again, playing on fears about the economy, North Korea, and […]