11 Percent

It is difficult to get accurate data on the number of empty housing units in the United States. Recent estimates suggest that approximately 18 million, or almost 11%, of homes in the United States are unoccupied[1. This is a full time statistic and does not include vacation/part time homes that may be vacant some of […]

Annals of Bad City Planning

If you hunt extremely vigorously through the City of Fort Bragg’s website, you will find the proposed citywide design guidelines that got unveiled at City Council last week, because someone kindly scanned, or possibly photographed, them and converted the resulting mess into a .pdf document. Should you peruse this meticulously laid-out hodge podge of bad […]

Environmental Issues: We’re In the Shit Now, Folks

One of the books I read during the Book Project that left an unexpected legacy was Bottlemania, by Elizabeth Royte. Although the book was primarily about the rise of the bottled water industry, one of the things it touched upon was the fact that water processing facilities for municipal water are growing increasingly outdated and […]