If NPR can respect pronouns, so can the rest of the media, and you

Alex Gino is a fat genderqueer glitter liberationist who attracted considerable media attention earlier this year with the release of their chapter book George, about a transgender fourth grader. The book joins the growing canon of books expanding trans representation in media and pop culture, but it also hits a critical age range, as children’s books with trans […]

Ground zero’s children

14 years ago, we woke up to a very different landscape in the United States, and not just in lower Manhattan. The metaphorical and cultural landscape of this country changed radically with the fall of the Twin Towers as well as the collision into the Pentagon and the crash in Pennsylvania that likely averted an attack […]

Why I Don’t Gender People

One thing that fascinates me about WisCon is a key difference between moderators that might seem subtle to someone who isn’t paying attention. During Q&As or audience commentaries, they handle picking people in two very different ways. Let’s say, theoretically, that a person with a red dress stands up or raises a hand to ask a […]