It’s All In the Chemistry

I have a confession: I have never taken a chemistry class. Never balanced chemistry equations, never made things explode under the watchful eye of an instructor, and haven’t memorized chemical formulas for much beyond water. I can’t say it’s something I regret, exactly, because I never really have cause to use the kind of chemistry […]

Truly Costing A Home-Cooked Meal

At Mother Jones, Tom Philpott deconstructed part of the argument made when suggesting that home-cooked meals are less expensive than fast food or eating out when he touched upon the fact that labour is not accounted for in those nifty little infographics designed to shame people for not cooking at home. Philpott pointed out that […]

Before You Criticize the Food Choices of Others…

I normally really, really, really hate disability simulations. But I can’t think of a way to make this point more clear, and I think that there are cases in which disability simulations can actually be very helpful for people who are having trouble grasping some key concepts. Food policing is an area in which all […]