Challenged Book: Lord of the Flies

Lord of the Flies clocks in at number eight on the American Library Association’s list of banned and challenged classics. William Golding’s book has been challenged and successfully banned on a host of grounds, ranging from profanity to excessive violence. It is an intense book and like many books on the frequently banned and challenged […]

Challenged Books: His Dark Materials

The American Library Association helpfully informs me that His Dark Materials, Philip Pullman’s 1995-2000 fantasy trilogy, is commonly targeted for challenges because of ‘political viewpoint, religious viewpoint, and violence.’ These books are an unabashed challenge to Christian ideology and so it’s not terribly surprising to see them targeted for banning, because they don’t really make […]

Challenged Books: Twilight

In 2009, The Twilight Saga achieved the dubious distinction of being number five on the list of most frequently challenged books for the year. These challenges, oddly enough, were not based on a wooden, unimaginative writing style and some seriously troubling characterisations, but rather ‘religious viewpoint, sexually explicit, unsuited to age group,’ according to the […]

Challenged Authors: Judy Blume

Judy Blume has landed herself quite a double-header of fame: She’s probably one of the most famous authors for middle grade readers[1. US readers: Who read at least one Judy Blume book while in elementary or middle school? Raise your hands!] and she’s also one of the most challenged authors of the 20th century. She […]

Challenged Book: 1984

George Orwell’s 1984 is a heavily challenged book. The American Library Association, which compiles material on challenges and bans, routinely lists it as one of the most challenged books; it’s the top 10 list of challenged ‘classics,’ for example. People really have a problem with 1984. I didn’t read this book until I went to […]