Bully Politics

In May, information about Mitt Romney’s schooldays surfaced, indicating that he had a history of bullying as a youth. This sparked a great deal of discussion about Romney’s actions and his fitness for the Presidency, as well as speculation about whether he’d reformed. Some people even questioned whether he had really been a bully, despite […]

Day of Silence

Youth across the United States today are participating in the Day of Silence to challenge name calling, harassment, and bullying inflicted upon students with genders and sexualities that don’t conform with social norms. As a supporter of youth rights, I feel like the Day of Silence is a very important thing to pay attention to; […]

Transgender Day of Remembrance

Today marks the International Transgender Day of Remembance, to remember those who have been lost to transphobia, cissexism, transmisogyny, and intersecting bigotries like hatred of trans sex workers and trans women of colour. It is not the only day that people can remember those lives, but it is a day, and it is an opportunity […]

Day of Silence

Today is the Day of Silence, an event organised to raise consciousness about the bullying and abuse which LGBQTIA youth experience in school. Bullying in school is a problem in and of itself. The amount of bullying centered around sexual orientation and gender expression, though, is truly horrific. There’s a lot of research done about […]

Adult Inaction on Statutory Rape, Stalking, and Harassment Leads to Death of 15 Year Old Student

Content Note: This post contains discussions of abuse, bullying, rape, rape culture, suicide, and slut shaming. I was horrified this morning when I cracked open my RSS feed to read a story from the New York Times about charges being brought in Massachusetts against nine students who harried a young woman to death. ‘9 Teenagers […]