Christian Rhetoric in Food Policing

When people claim we are a secular society, I always laugh, because I don’t really know how else to respond. Christian attitudes and worldviews are very much wrapped up in Western thought, and they’re impossible to evade, whether you’re talking about ‘atoning’ for a mistake or exclaiming ‘oh my G-d’ when something shocking happens. Christianity […]

Dying to Be Thin

The merits of dieting are, we are coming to understand, significantly overrated. Studies indicate that caloric controls are unlikely to result in permanent weight loss, that the body has a set point which it will cling to unless you are willing to go to substantial lengths to force it. Those lengths may include permanent calorie […]

Bikini This

Now that it’s officially June, the onslaught of bikini-related advertising campaigns can commence in force, not like that stopped anyone earlier. Indeed, as far back as January I was encountering reminders about the looming summer months and the necessity to get ready for Memorial Day, the unofficial start of summer. No one wants to look […]