Beyond the Binary: Body Image

There’s a common and persistent myth that nonbinary people don’t struggle with body image. If we are outside the binary, surely we do not experience the pressures people on the binary do to look and behave a certain way. I rarely see issues of nonbinary body image being explored, let alone discussions of how body […]

Beyond the Binary: Transition

One very widespread perception about nonbinary people is that we don’t need to transition. Nothing could be further from the truth. While every nonbinary person is different and not all of us need or want to transition, some of us do, and we cannot access support for transitioning without lying and prevaricating; to transition, we […]

Beyond the Binary: How Shall I Describe My Body?

My body. It’s short (by the standards of people in the United States), it is fat with interesting folds and rolls, it is covered in skin which is light in colour and splotched with freckles and which occasionally turns red or darkens from Wonderbread to, perhaps, very pale rye. It’s got two arms, two legs, […]

Beyond the Binary: Let’s Go To the Doctor!

A note about terminology in this post: Unfortunately, we’re forced to rely on the language of the kyriarchy when it comes to talking about gender identity and gender issues. The kyriarchy is pretty firmly convinced that people like me don’t exist, and if we did, we shouldn’t, which means that there’s not a lot of […]