Legislating Compassion

California’s foie gras ban has attracted considerable news coverage and generated reams of discussion, both pro and con, across the state. Chefs and foie gras fans act like victims of those horrible animal welfare activists, complaining that their lives will be ruined now. Animal welfare activists are excited about what the ban means and the […]

Who Watches the Watchers? Livestock Self-Inspection Is A Bad Idea

In April, the United States Department of Agriculture announced that it would be turning some poultry inspection responsibilities over to poultry processing plants. This was spun as an improvement for food safety, as well as a cost-cutting and streamlining measure. The USDA pushed hard on the modernisation rhetoric, arguing that the change in inspection policies […]

Animal Welfare, Farmer to Farmer

Rancher Kevin Fulton might seem like your standard Nebraska farmer at first glance; he runs almost 3,000 acres, producing a variety of crops and animal products. He’s a rugged guy who drives a truck and gets stuff done. Did I mention he’s a former strongman? He’s also a total softie, or so it would appear; […]