Into the well of memory

I have lost an alarming number of people in recent years. Some say that this is because this is what happens as you grow older, and everyone grows older with you. I watch the generation of people around my father slowly dwindling away, fearing the inevitable. The generation before them nearly gone entirely. At times, […]


They say that we are not truly dead until we are forgotten, until our names stop falling from the lips of the people who survive us and the thoughts of those left after don’t turn to us any longer. This seems a hollow promise to me, for to my eye the dead are dead and […]

Look Up More

Here is a thing about life: it has a talent for being viciously, remorselessly, sometimes unfathomably unfair. And because life is larger than us, it sometimes seems as though it does not care, as though we are all merely grains of sand in its shoes, to be shaken out later. On the cosmic scale, a […]

What the Sky Left

There is something people fail to understand about what drives us. It runs deeper than a mere wanting. It is a need. This is something people cannot comprehend, the intensity and the force of the need, the thing that will never let us stop, the monster inside us. If you do not live with the […]