Ground zero’s children

14 years ago, we woke up to a very different landscape in the United States, and not just in lower Manhattan. The metaphorical and cultural landscape of this country changed radically with the fall of the Twin Towers as well as the collision¬†into the Pentagon and the crash in Pennsylvania that likely averted an attack […]

13 Years Later

The more time that passes, the stranger I feel about what happened 13 years ago. At the same time that my memories of that day are acutely clear in my mind — from waking up, to watching grainy footage on my laptop, to gathering in silence around televisions, to picking at our food in a […]


I’ve found myself haunted over the last few weeks by two images that keep drifting to the top of my mind. Both iconic, although I hadn’t thought about them much lately in recent years. Both disturbing, in their own way. Both emblematic, also, of an era, part of a series of flickering images and events […]

Ten Years

I was hesitant, this year, about whether I wanted to commemorate this particular anniversary, even though it is an important one; it has been a decade since a clear Tuesday morning in September when the United States woke up to some uncomfortable truths. There is so much commentary out there about this issue, from so […]