Economic Vampires

The vampire trend, it appears, is dead. Well and truly staked. The market for vampires in pop culture is drying up, tastemakers are turning their interests elsewhere, and the new hotness is fairies and angels. Even zombies, poor dears, are lagging in the polls. It’s a tough time to be undead. But the vampire metaphor […]

Mad Mysticism, Vampirism, and Drusilla

Drusilla is one of the most interesting characters on Buffy and Angel. She flits in and out of storylines, often playing a very critical role, and she’s also one of Whedon’s Brunettes, the characters who recur over and over again in various forms in Whedon’s work. Fragile, but dangerous. Eerie, but in need of protection […]

1976: A Banner Year in the New Vampire Mythos

Many people argue that Dracula was a key work in the vampire mythos, consolidating legends thousands of years old and creating a unified vision of the vampire for the West. Dracula was adapted into countless films and plays throughout the 20th century, and over 100 years after it was published, copies of this book still […]

SWV Seeks May-December Stalker-Romance

Gather ’round the campfire, homechickens, because it’s story time, and I’m pretty sure that none of you have heard this one before, so listen close. It all starts with an Ancient Vampire with poofy hair, drawn to a young human female by deep inner compulsion. She’s from a broken home, and has always seemed a […]