Artful Violence: Hannibal, True Blood, and Other Visceral Viewing

(Note: This piece graphically discusses images of violence on television, many of which specifically involve women. Said scenes are discussed in the third paragraph, which you can skip without losing the context and argument of the piece, should you so desire.) The hit US television series┬áHannibal┬áhas an unforgettable set of titles — eerie, uncomfortable music […]

Television’s Kid Problem

I was talking with a friend about Bones the other day and the topic of Michelle came up. And my friend said ‘Michelle who?’ And I said ‘you know. Michelle?’ And my friend said ‘no…’ And I said ‘Cam’s daughter?’ After a bit of talking around it we managed to get it straightened out and […]

Mad Mysticism, Vampirism, and Drusilla

Drusilla is one of the most interesting characters on Buffy and Angel. She flits in and out of storylines, often playing a very critical role, and she’s also one of Whedon’s Brunettes, the characters who recur over and over again in various forms in Whedon’s work. Fragile, but dangerous. Eerie, but in need of protection […]