The only place to see disabled people on TV: Reality shows

Evaluating the representation of disabled people in media is frustrating, primarily because there are so few of us in books, films, television, and other arts that it’s nearly impossible to make concrete comments — we’re holding single characters up against a standard that they can’t hope to meet. (Imagine, for example, if only two percent […]

The Transparent Transmisogyny of Transparent

When I first heard about Amazon Instant’s Transparent, I was rather excited. Web-exclusive series are definitely the new face of television, and as established in Orange is the New Black, they’re becoming a place for trans talent to shine, and a career incubator for actors who might otherwise struggle to break into Hollywood and the popular consciousness. They’re […]

Why is Joss Whedon still treated like an authority on women in film and television?

Joss Whedon temporarily set the internet aflutter yet again this year with commentary on sexism in Hollywood, as though he’s the ultimate authority on such subjects. First he called the industry “intractibly sexist” and then he took back his words in another interview, claiming that the industry had improved since the original commentary. Fair enough […]