We need nationwide sex ed reform

An estimated five percent of US students receive comprehensive, evidence-based sexual education that includes medically accurate information, thoroughly accurate overviews of human sexuality and health, and, in some cases, discussions of gender identity and non-normative sexuality. That is a dismally low amount of people, making it perhaps not entirely unsurprising that a growing number of […]

Sexuality and Disgust

This is a society where we are often reminded and assured that public displays of affection and sexuality are discouraged; they’re offensive to others, they make people uncomfortable, they’re not appropriate. Won’t someone think of the children? We even have a shorthand for it, PDA, said usually in the most scathing and nasty of ways, […]

#Aftersex and Prudery

This spring, the thing all the kids were doing that everyone had something to say about was the #aftersex hashtag, which apparently originated on Instagram. Oh, those wild kids, taking pictures of themselves in bed! The hashtag is a mixture of images, including people who are sweet, sultry, sleepy, and more, sometimes with pets along […]