Some friends came up from the City yesterday to hang out with me on my birthday, and we went romping a bit during the day, but, more importantly, we also played Scrabble: Now that I have a camera again, I can resurrect the Scrabble Reports! Hooray. Now I’m going to back to gazing woefully at […]


I have to say, being part of a top secret online Scrabble club has greatly improved my Scrabble skills. Practice is obviously an important aspect, but it’s also the exposure to really good players. I’m learning all sorts of things from them, sometimes unconsciously, and it has translated into a formidable game in meatspace. I […]

Party life & bonus feature!

I have played more Scrabble in the last 19 hours than I have in…quite a long time. I think I’ve played five separate games since midnight last night. Seriously. One of my coworkers made fun of me because I came in to work looking something the cat dragged in–the conversation went like this: “Woah! What […]

Scrabble funtime

Tonight we played scrabble. Laurel and I tied in the first game, but only because I went out first and she had to eat a point. “Quacked” was my work, and I am immensely proud of it. I also missed a scrabble for “anointed,” because someone stole the spot I was going to put it […]