‘Boat people’ and refugees

The 20th century — and into the 21st — was one of continual exodus and diaspora thanks to wars, border changes, and political shifts. Jewish people fled Europe in the Second World War, desperately seeking refuge from the Nazis. Survivors of the Vietnam war scattered after the fall of Saigon. Residents of the Balkans were […]

Why ‘Diversity’ Matters in Stock Photography

The term ‘diversity’ always troubles me. What people mean by it is that ‘minorities’ (those other people) should be, you know, included in things. As though it’s some kind of big favour — we’re acknowledging your non-Christianness at Christmas, so we’re so progressive. We’re including a Latino character in this television series even though he’s […]

An Immigrant Endured a Forcible C-Section, and No One Seemed to Care

News broke in Ireland over the summer that an immigrant woman who had previously been denied an abortion was subjected to a forced Cesarean section at just 26 weeks after her pregnancy became unstable as a result of a hunger strike. The case, and the anonymous patient, have revived the fiery debate over abortion rights in Ireland, but it also […]