You dropped your ‘T’ again

The alphabet soup surrounding the fight for equal rights for the queer and trans communities can be dizzying, and new letters feel like they’re being added all the time. It was LGB, and LGBT, and LGBQ, and LGBQT, and LGBQTIA, and so much more. Some letters even do double duty, like Q for ‘queer’ and […]

We urgently need national discrimination protections for trans people

Every other week, I’m reading a story about a trans employee who was fired, usually after transitioning at work. Almost all of these cases involve trans women, and many involve trans women of colour. Workplaces across the US routinely dismiss transgender employees on the grounds that they’re transgender, and therefore no longer competent at the […]

Bigotry and Public Health

This has been a big year for stigmatisation and criminalisation of queer communities across the globe, perhaps most notably in Russia, where this summer a vicious anti-gay law stirred up angry sentiments and led to anti-gay vigilante groups, hate crimes, and a variety of social problems. Jamaica, likewise, experienced an uptick in anti-queer hate crime, […]