Seasons have changed again

There is a thing people say that never fails to infuriate me: ‘Oh, California, they don’t have seasons there.’ It seems to have become a running joke with people around me, who greatly enjoy trying to wind me up and trigger the seasons rant, and I must admit that it’s become old, tiresome, and irritating, […]

On finding your people

Someone once told me that it’s very difficult to make friends as an adult — that it’s always such a novelty when you find a new person and connect in a way that brings that person into your life. Maybe I’m a strange person, or maybe I’ve been lucky, but I’ve actually made numerous friends […]


‘It was the best of times, it was the worst of times’ — the opening of A Tale of Two Cities often gets cited, but few people go on to discuss the rest of the paragraph. (Oh, the days when one-sentence paragraphs that seemed to go on forever were allowed! I was born into the wrong epoch, […]