Don’t talk about the ‘prescription drug epidemic’ without pain patients

Chronic pain is an incredibly persistent, frustrating condition to treat — and it’s also one of the most stigmatised. Several things are bound up in why chronic pain has become such a subject of derision, including the obvious and the more subtle. The obvious has to do with stereotypes about people who struggle with substance […]

When better surveillance confounds public health statistics

In public health and epidemiology settings, ‘surveillance’ refers not to sinister and intrusive monitoring of the population, but keeping records on trends in health. Some infectious diseases, for example, are subject to mandatory reporting, so public health agencies can follow their rise and fall over the course of time to determine if education, treatment, and […]

Don’t exaggerate the flaws of the US health system for political points

The system of health care in the United States is a mess. It’s profit-driven, costly, damaging for patients, and sloppy. It’s why the president made a good faith effort at reforming access, even though the watered down form of access that eventually reached the public didn’t really address the quality of health care from the other side. […]